all the words: march 2019


Here we are, with a round-up of the books I read in March!

  1. The Crooked Staircase by Dean Koontz
    Clearly I am now a junkie. Jane is still looking to find the people at the top of this sick population control. The problem is that even as she closes in on the people in power, the people in power are closing in on her young son who was hidden away with friends. There is one more book in the series that is currently published, and another coming out later this year and I am looking forward to see where it all goes! I’ve been enjoying this series so much that I went and scooped up a whole bunch more of Koontz’s work at the thrift store so that I can continue my reading binge.

  2. Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James
    This book is a very well written, eye opening book on God’s vision for women. James goes back to God’s vision for women. She goes back to the vision God declared for women in Eden, before the Fall. This book helped to open my eyes to the magnitude of God’s intent for both men and women. So often we sideline women, quoting proof-texts that seem put women on the shelf, restricting how she can contribute to the kingdom. I believe that God has a far greater plan for His daughters than we often allow for. Additionally, God’s vision for women encompasses all women, regardless of age, race, colour, relationship status, location. Western churches often proclaim a model for women that a vast majority of women actually don’t, and will never fit into. It’s time we look at what the Bible truly has to say, in the light of what God’s very first stated intent is.
    This is a subject that has been weighing on my heart for a while now, and I have a blog post coming soon that explores this subject further.

  3. In His Image by Jen Wilkin

    In His Image explores ten different aspects of God that we, as human beings, can and should display. God is holy and He calls us to be holy. God is loving and we are called to love others. God never lies and we are called to be truthful. We are the image of God. He has engraved His image upon us, and we are called to reflect that image. While we will never be able to accomplish this perfectly, we are to continually strive for God’s standard. These are traits that we can emulate, albeit imperfectly. When we show grace to someone who has hurt us, we show them God’s grace. When we let our yes be yes and our no be no (Matthew 5:37) we display God’s truthfulness. Regardless of our sinful state, God’s standard has not changed. We are to be a light to the world and share our God through our living.

  4. It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst
    I read this book in a day. Written out of the pain of her marriage falling apart, an emergency stomach surgery, a breast cancer diagnosis, you can feel her pain throughout the pages of this book. It is a reminder that in this world that there are a lot of things just are not they way they are supposed to be. She also emphasizes that often the suffering we go through is to keep us from even worse suffering. Regardless of our situation God is always with His children. Just because you can’t feel His presence does not mean that He is not right there beside you and carrying you through the situation.

  5. None Like Him by Jen Wilkin
    Technically this book comes before In His Image. They pair together perfectly, but are also powerful individually. In None Like Him Wilkin explores 10 characteristics of God that belong to God alone. God alone is omniscient. God is self-existent. He does not need us, He does not need anything or anyone to help Him. He has everything under control on His own. A lot of problems happen when we decide to try to be like God. We try to control everything, we think we know everything, we try to live without God. When we try to play god for ourselves we often end up flat on our faces. This book exposes the sin that lays in our hearts that wants to deny God, but it also inspires awe as we are confronted with how incredible it really is that God would also take an interest in us. God doesn’t need us, He wants us.

Suggestions for any books I should add to my reading list? Drop them down in the comments below!