all the words: january 2019


Here is the book review post for this month, reviewing the books I read in January 2019!

  1. The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
    This book was my first foray into suspense/thriller writing. I hadn’t even heard of Dean Koontz until a friend suggested that I read his work. This is the first book in his Jane Hawk series. I quite enjoyed this book, not only because the main character is a tough, independent woman. This book touches on things that will be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good conspiracy theory. Cover-ups, mind control, government secrets, misuse of power, rogue FBI agents, this book pretty much has it all and I am looking forward to getting to the next few books in the series.

  2. Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry
    This book. This woman. Jackie Hill Perry has been gifted by God with an exceptionally poetic style of writing. She expresses herself clearly, but never in a dry or bland way. There is much about her life and her story in this book, but that is not ultimately what this is about. This isn’t a book about a woman who was gay and became straight. This is a book about sin, and the story of how God broke down a sinner and remade her in His image. Jackie uses the Bible faithfully and carefully. This book left me stunned, with a new understanding of God’s grace and mercy, and a profound sense of thankfulness to know this beautiful God. I 110% recommend this book to anyone. This book will leave you with a beautiful picture of our good, good God.

  3. Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey

    Another beautiful book from Sarah Bessey. Her words are full of thoughtfulness and patience. Never an assumption that she has it all figured out, but rather that she is always learning. Always re-examining what she believes and comparing it to what God ways in the Bible. That which lines up with the word of God stays, that which doesn’t needs to go. This book is about a faith that changes and transforms and is constantly seeking to align itself to the Bible. It is about reconciling yourself to the fact that you will believe things that are incorrect, and sometimes it will be hard to let those things go when you realize how you erred. But we can hold on to and remember that God offers grace. That He is always guiding and correcting and ultimately He is the only one who can lead us Home.

And that is a wrap for January. Only 3 books this month, but it was a bit of a whirlwind, BUT if I want to read my 60 books, I need five books per month. So WOOPS! But I am aready working on catching up for February. Pop a favourite book from this year so far down in the comments!