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about dana


Every morning I wake up slowly to sunlight streaming in. My cat is lounging in the window beside my bed… except that’s not real life. I wake up (far too early) to an alarm blaring “Honey, I’m Good” (thank you, Andy Grammer!), which I then snooze several times before I can stand to think about leaving my cozy cocoon. But not all good things can last forever, and there are dogs and cats waiting for me to get up and feed them. But you didn’t come here to read about my mornings, did you?

The really important things to know about me are:
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, He is my everything, my all in all, His grace is what saves me and empowers me to live every day. Books are my love language (along with pizza amIright?). I get loud when I am speaking about something I am passionate about.

+ You can follow my dogs on Instagram: Tux and Luna. Without any bias at all, they are the cutest dogs to ever exist.





why do I write?

2018 was a year of upheaval for me. Internally I was working through a lot of things, questioning my faith, life, work, and calling. I was wondering if I was in the right place, doing the right thing. Was I meant to stay where I was, or would it be better to find something else? I was feeling stuck, with far more questions than answers.

I remember the day things changed for me. November 3, 2018. I had taken the weekend off of work to attend a wedding the previous day, and I was spending the day in bed. I decided to pull up the videos from the Go + Tell Galls coaching that I was participating in at that time. I ended up watching Jess’ writing & publishing session with literary agent Jenni Burke.

That is where it came to me. I needed to write again. I had always loved writing, but as with a lot of dreams, life changes and jobs begin and soon childhood dreams are left behind for “real life”. As I grew, I moved in different directions, pursuing other passions, but words have always stuck with me. But there, during that coaching video, I decided that I had to write. I had to put my words out there, regardless of whether anyone would read them or not.

For the first time I felt excitement to do something. To throw everything I had into something. The ball was set in motion, and I had to do something. I did Hannah Brencher’s Year of the Book course to learn more about writing and publishing. I shut down my website (which was previously for music), purchased a design template from Go Live HQ, and set to work redesigning my site to align with my work of writing. It took me three months to put it all together and I still don’t really know what I am doing. But I am stepping out in faith, and I believe that that is what really matters.

I may just be one more voice, one more person bucking the status quo, but I believe that this is where God wants me. He has commanded all of His followers to share the good news, to spread the gospel and tell the world about Jesus. To do otherwise, or to ignore His call, would be to deny His power. So here I am now. A little confused, a little nervous, but a whole lot at peace.